The mission of Bethel Seventh–day Adventist Church is to establish in Derby a vibrant, spiritually enriching and Christ centred environment in which all members can utilise their gifts and talents for the holistic development of self, church and community.


To share the good news of Jesus Christ and his soon return to the Derby community and its immediate environment as a way of initiating spiritual, social and physical changes


  • Spiritual growth and development  
  • Personal witness and outreach  
  • Evangelising in and around Derby district  
  • Effective promotion using electronic media  
  • Remodel and refurbish church


  • To increase the membership between 5-10% each year  
  • To have core departments conduct at least one fellowship day each year  
  • To conduct one evangelistic programme each year  
  • To have greater involvement of youth in church activities  
  • To encourage active participation and regular attendance to prayer meetings and Bible studies  
  • Greater involvement of the church within the community